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5 Reasons why a 15 guest Micro Wedding is Amazing!

Man, this is really shit, isn’t it? Once again the government has added restrictions to weddings. We know why, but when planning a wedding it doesn’t make it feel any less, well….shit.

But, what if there was actually a silver lining to all of this? What if a small intimate wedding might actually be the best thing for you? A minimony or micro wedding is what you have been after all along.

So, let’s look at 5 key reasons why small, micro weddings = Wonderful!

It Makes Invites Easier

Do we have to invite Aunt Mabel? Of course, you bloody well don’t! Gone is the debate about “Should we allow plus ones?” and “Do we really want to invite kids?”. No more inviting long-lost aunties and uncles who you only ever see at weddings and funerals! Every single person at your wedding is your true nearest & dearest. The stress and worry about upset is completely gone. You can simply invite the 15 people who mean the most to you in the world! Everyone else will have to wait (see point 5).

You Can Spend Your Money on Cooler Things

When you are inviting 50+ wedding guests it gets really expensive, really quickly. When you have an intimate wedding of only 15 guests, you have less money being spent on things like food. This means you get to spend all the money you save on things you normally wouldn’t be able to afford. You can upgrade to those amazing shoes you’ve been dreaming of. You know the beautiful handcrafted wedding album that you really wanted, but couldn’t afford as you needed to feed everyone? Well, that’s easily affordable now. 

Food is normally the 3rd most expensive part of a wedding day, after the venue and the honeymoon. Depending on which Lincolnshire Wedding Venue you choose you can pay between £25 – £100+ per person for catering. Doing some quick maths if you have 60 fewer guests paying an average of £50 per person for food, you now have £3000 to spend on making things super amazing! Talking of which…

Irregular Choice wedding shoes on a wooden floor

A Micro Wedding Means You Can Spoil Your Guests (& Yourselves). 

With fewer guests, you can really spoil them. You can get that amazing meal, you can buy that wine you really love, but wouldn’t have at the wedding as it would be too expensive. This is now all on the table. Show the 15 people who you invite how special you really think they are. 

A Landrover with a romantic picnic in the backprepped for a wedding, an ideal way to travel to your minimony

Your Day will be so much more Relaxed!

To paraphrase my 80’s teen movie hero Ferris Bueller “Weddings move pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

With 15 guests, your day will be so much more relaxed. There will be time for chatting, time for those laughs, those connections. We planned a pretty low-key wedding. We had around 50 guests, but that still felt crazy busy! I am sure there were people there who I barely said more than the obligatory “Thanks for coming” to.

Not only do you avoid making small talk with Uncle Knobhead’s plus one (for god’s sake, don’t mention his ex!), there will also be time for you to enjoy being married. 

A couple kiss on their wedding day near Horncastle, Lincolnshire

You Can Plan an Amazing Party/Sequel Wedding 

Post-wedding blues suck! What better way is there to banish those post-wedding blues than to plan a massive party! Whether you want to do a full sequel wedding, where you have an excuse to get back into your dress and/or suit (or have an excuse to buy another), or just want a big party with everyone you originally wanted at the wedding there, What better way is there to keep those post-wedding blues at bay?

So, whilst it is all a bit shit right now, there is no reason why you can’t have the most amazing micro wedding despite the restrictions. Remember, if nothing else, you’ll have a great story to retell over and over in the future.

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