A couple leave Abbey Farm through sparklers

A Lincolnshire Same Sex Wedding with Helen & Jen.

As a wedding photographer, I always have that moment when I know I am going to love working with each couple. With Helen & Jen, that moment came when their dog decided to lick my lens on their engagement shoot. I knew their same sex, non-traditional wedding was going to be amazing as soon as they told me about their plans at our meeting over coffee. Having their adorable dog decide I was her friend on the engagement shoot sealed the deal.

Piper, Helen & Jen’s dog was always set to be a big part of their day. Obviously, as many of you know, I am a huge animal lover, so having a dog involved in a wedding day is my idea of heaven. Not only that, but they got married at one of my favourite venues, Abbey Farm Weddings in Woodhall Spa. 

The morning of the wedding, Helen & Jen went off to do the “legal bit” of their day. However, their wedding itself started in the early afternoon. Unfortunately, the weather was not playing its part, but that is why Abbey Farm is an ideal location. With two barns available to guests, friends and family gathered in the smaller bar away from the weather, whilst in the main barn, Jen nervously waited with her best man for the bride to arrive. 

The wedding ceremony involved some of the sincerest & funniest vows I have heard and included I’m a believer by The Monkees in place of hymns. Piper played her part as the ring bearer. It’s when I see a dog as well behaved as this that I am reminded how chaotic (but adorable) my own dog is. 

After the ceremony, drinks took place in the barn, whilst Jo & everyone at Abbey Farm turned the main barn from service venue to reception venue. 

Whilst having reception drinks outdoors is great, there was something about having everyone together in the barn that made the weather feel insignificant. The chilled approach to this alternative same sex wedding day continued with the choice of a burrito based Mexican wedding breakfast. I honestly had to make a conscious effort not to drool like Homer Simpson when they were coming out of the kitchen. Getting to taste them, I can confirm they were as amazing as they looked. 

After the meal the evening began. But who needs a first dance when you have have a pub quiz with your nearest and dearest friends. Complete with amazing prizes modelled in the best TV style by the couple and met with Ooohs and Ahhs that matched a TV gameshow. Competitiveness took hold and every team hushed into whispers when conferring. I even got competitive with myself when the answers were read out. I won’t tell you how many I got right, but it wasn’t as many as the winning team (or the team in second, or third or…..).

After winners were announced, cake and sweets were there, along with an amazingly impressive cheese board for those with a savoury tooth. Conversation flowed between friends old and new and I made my exit with everyone enjoying the evening (and disputing who got which question wrong on their team). 

This beautiful, unconventional same sex wedding was a great way to end my 2019 wedding season. It left me excited for the prospect of weddings to come.

If you are looking for a same-sex wedding photographer in Lincolnshire for your wedding, please get in touch and lets chat (preferably over coffee or burritos) about how I can capture your special day.

A bride and the celebrant discuss the ceremony at a same sex Lincolnshire Wedding
A bride smiles looking out of the window on her wedding day
A bride tweaks her handmade craft flowers
A mother looks out of a barn at Abbey Farm in Woodhall Spa thoughtfully
A relaxed bride awaits her guests arriving
A bride and her dog who will be part of her Same Sex Wedding ceremony
wedding guests cover themselves with coats and umbrellas on a wet wedding day
The celebrant gives a cheeky smile whilst waiting for the bride to arrive at a gay wedding in Lincolnshire
A father walks his daughter down the aisle at Abbey Farm, Woodhall Spa
A laugh out loud moment during a gay wedding ceremony in Lincolnshire
Friends and family look on proudly at the wedding of their friend
A mother looks proudly as her daughter marries her partner
A bride signs the wedding certificate
A same sex couple kiss as the become married
A same sex couple share a quiet moment on their wedding day
How the bride feels about the day
friends chat on a wedding day in Woodhall Spa
Guests chat at a Woodhall Spa wedding
A same sex marriage certificate
a lesbian couple pose spend a quiet moment together on their wedding day in Lincolnshire
A couple pet their dog who was the ring bearer at their wedding
A classic bridal portrait
A bride chats with her mother who looks on proudly
a bride chatting with friends
Friends look lovingly at each other on a wedding day in Lincs
Abbey Farm wedding barn full of wedding guests
A bridesmaid gives a speech
people raise their glasses to toast the newly married couple
A best man makes the couple laugh with his joke
A bride tells her partner how much she means to her at a same sex Lincolnshire wedding
A couple cut a small cupcake at their Woodhall Spa wedding
A couple share a cupcake on their wedding day
A newlywed couple laugh as they chat with each other
Friends eagerly confer at a wedding quiz
A mother gives a loving look to her daughter as the gather sweets on her wedding day
A couple leave Abbey Farm through sparklers

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