I would advise you to get in touch as soon as you know your wedding date, as I do book up fast. Most couples tend to book their wedding photography twelve to eighteen months in advance of their wedding. However, don’t hesitate to check if we are available last minute, as you never know your luck.

I have seen these offers. Unfortunately, I have also seen the horror stories that result from some of these “bargain wedding photographers”. When you choose me, you are paying for the quality of my work and my specialist knowledge. Not only that, but you have the security of me being fully insured and having systems in place that can cope with any situation. From a camera failure mid-wedding through to a computer crashing and losing all the photographs, I have systems in place to solve this.

Every vicar or registrar I speak to has their wedding photographer horror story. The unfortunate thing is, some photographers can forget that the day is about more than photography. Their need to get a photo comes at the expense of everyone, even the bride and groom. Please reassure them that I stay fairly static and never use flash during the wedding ceremony. If you are getting married in a church, I would recommend that you discuss photography with the vicar in advance, as there are some venues that have a strict no photography policy. I also like to contact the vicar or registrar personally prior to the wedding. This makes sure we respect their boundaries, as well as reassuring them that we will be discreet.

This is one of the most common questions wedding photographers get asked. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misunderstanding around this issue and some photographers and wedding bloggers have only made things worse. The simple answer is, you do not need the copyright to your images, you need a license to them. I include full personal print licensing with all wedding images, which means you can use and print your wedding photos as you wish and I can say we took them. I am extremely proud of all of my work and want to claim it as my own.

It is impossible to give an exact figure, but I start shooting the moment I arrive and only stop when you do. I aim to deliver a minimum of four hundred images.

I will happily travel anywhere for a great wedding. It is easy to conduct meetings over FaceTime or Skype. There is no extra charge for weddings throughout the UK. I am also available for destination weddings, get in touch with the details and we can go from there.

Of course, we wouldn’t want it any other way. All we ask is that that guests do not take photos during any portrait sessions, as it can be very distracting for you as the couple, knowing which camera to look at.

Yes. I am fully insured, including public liability up to two million pounds. If you or your wedding venue wish to see a copy of my insurance documents, please ask.

You could yes, but would you not prefer them to relax and enjoy your special day with you? There are some people who take very good photographs but unfortunately are simply not able to deliver great images under the variety of situations that a wedding photographer faces, especially if they are also busy being a guest. Also, they are unlikely to have the relevant insurance that many wedding venues require.

A wedding is a long day for everyone. I do not want to be spending part of your day wondering where I can get a meal, or retreating back to the car for a warm sandwich to try and fuel me. I do not expect a full wedding breakfast, but a hot meal at the same time you are eating is perfect. The reason for this is that I don’t take photos when people are eating, as you want your guests to enjoy their meal and not feel self-conscious about a photographer catching them mid-mouthful. Also, in the history of the world, there is only one amazing photo of someone eating. That honour goes to Mick Rock’s photo of the late, great David Bowie.

Or course. Only when you see a full wedding do you get to see a photographer’s true style. Once we have met to discuss your day we send you access to full weddings via our website. This way, you get to see not only our beautiful photography throughout a real wedding day, but you also see the way that I deliver the images to you and your guests.

Good things come to those who wait. I personally edit every image to make it look perfect for you. I aim to get an online gallery of your photos to you within six weeks of your wedding day.

I shoot in digital and do process certain shots to black & white as we feel they work better that way and are happy to process any specific images to black and white for you. We do avoid adding any “on trend” filters or effects though, as we want our images to be timeless. Remember, the shell suit was in trend once!

The simple answer is yes. If you would be interested in me taking your families portraits and seeing examples of my style please get in touch.

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