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Lincolnshire Wedding Planners. Do I need one?

Are you freshly engaged? Or, you already well underway with you planning? Whichever sounds like you, you’ll have noticed that you can’t spend a lot of time looking at wedding websites without hearing about wedding planners. For a long time, weddings were small and simple affairs that the bride’s mother would organise for them. However, many modern weddings can be much more complicated affairs.

Many brides often wind up using more than a dozen different suppliers. Each of which has to be sourced, negotiated with, and then booked. To help handle with all this, many brides in Lincolnshire turn to a wedding planner for help. It can take weeks of hard work to pull it all together, so getting a professional involved can take a lot off your shoulders.

How much do wedding planners cost?

A professional wedding planner in Lincolnshire might not cost you as much as you might think. Wedding planners will have a range of prices and packages that can be tailored to fit your budget and the scope of your wedding. For that matter, your wedding professional might even help you save money, as they likely have personal connections with vendors and suppliers from previous weddings. They also tend to know how to get discounts and deals that you would never know about. You also get the peace of mind of knowing that they will vet the credentials of every supplier, so you know that you’re only dealing with reliable professionals on all fronts.

Do you actually need a wedding planner?

If you’re wondering what kind of bride hires a wedding planner in Lincolnshire in the first place, you might also be wondering whether or not you’re the kind of bride that would want to do so. There are many different reasons why you should consider it. If you and your partner both put in long hours, or you have a demanding and stressful job, then you might not have enough time to get ready for your wedding. Also, if your job means that you travel frequently, that can be another source of constant interruption.

For that matter, if you’re going to travel to your wedding destination, then a professional planner can help out a lot too. If you’d like to have a wedding that has some serious wow factor, or just a professional edge to it, then you need a wedding planner. It’s also possible that none of this applies to you, but you just want to spare yourselves the stress and pressure. These are all individually great reasons to hire a wedding planner. If more than one of them apply to your life, it’s something you will definitely want to consider.

A typewriter sits at a wedding with instructions for guests to type their messages onto it. It reads
Know where to source a gorgeous vintage typewriter? A good wedding planner will.

How do I know if I need a wedding planner?

Finding a planner is as easy as an online search, but choosing the right one is a bit more complicated. At the very least, look over their websites. Bad online design and spelling mistakes are obvious warning signs. If someone has spelling errors on their website, do you want to trust them to handle one of the biggest days of your life? Arrange for in-person consultations with at least three professionals so you can find out for yourself if you like and can trust them. Ask them how many weddings they’ve done. Also, ask for references. Find out if they charge a percentage of the wedding budget, hourly rates, or just fixed fees. Figure out how comfortable you feel with them personally. They’re going to be privy to confidential matters and personal information, so make sure you feel confident with them.

When should you hire a wedding planner?

While you can find and hire a wedding planner at any time, it’s better to do it early. Wedding planning and preparations can start well over a year in advance of the big day. The best wedding planners (like the best wedding venues) get booked up years in advance. The selection of wedding venue can actually be one of the biggest areas where a planner can help you out most. You might actually want to start looking for your wedding planner 18 months before your wedding. That far out, they can help you with everything that you need to do, including working with your budget.

So, in summary

  • Hire a planner if you work long hours
  • Hire a planner if you travel frequently
  • Hire a planner if you are eloping
  • Hire a wedding planner to add “wow factor”
  • Hire a planner to save yourself and you parents stress

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