As Lincolnshire wedding photographers we obviously love photographing weddings, but there is something special about an engagement shoot. This is even more exciting when it is at a gorgeous location such as Hubbards Hills in Louth. The gorgeous tree lined river mixed with the crisp winter weather made a perfect backdrop for Jodie & Liam’s photoshoot.

We met Jodie & Liam on a bone chillingly cold Louth morning. Despite the freezing weather, the sky was  a rich, beautiful blue and cloud free. It was one of those perfect mornings were you wrap yourself up warm. The layers are worthwhile, as get to experience the beauty of the Lincolnshire landscape in the wintertime. Carl doesn’t like shooting in gloves and it did get to the point where he said his hands felt like they were going to fall off. The great thing about shooting photos (or being the subject of a photoshoot) on days like this is that a hot chocolate afterwards becomes an essential piece of kit.

As Jodie & Liam love spending time at Hubbards Hills, it seemed natural to capture their engagement session there. We find that capturing couples at one of their favourite locations always helps them feel more relaxed in front of the camera, today was no exception and Jodie & Liam soon relaxed and we got to capture some great photographs. During their shoot we used both digital and film cameras. This gave different looks, making the gorgeous photos that you can see below.

We also created one of our signature photo films, where the couple tell us their story to each other. Jodie & Liam’s story is a beautiful tale of Mini’s, weekends and being at work on your day off. To hear them tell their full love story, simply hit the play button below.

We are so excited to be capturing Jodie & Liam’s wedding in July, we just hope the weather is a little warmer then.

An engaged couple laughing at Hubbards Hills, Louth, Lincolnshire A couple kiss on the path at at Hubbards Hills, Louth, Lincolnshire A beautiful couple pose against a winter backdrop of fallen leaves at at Hubbards Hills, Louth, Lincolnshire A close up of a couple with the bride to  be's engagement ring A couple pose by the statue at at Hubbards Hills, Louth, Lincolnshire A couple pose whilst the sun sets on a winter day at at Hubbards Hills, Louth, Lincolnshire