Coronavirus Wedding coverage

Micro Weddings

Small Is Beautiful

A micro wedding or minimony may not be what you originally planned for your wedding day, but it will be an amazing, intimate experience that you will treasure forever. With Covid-19 the idea of a minimony and sequel wedding has become incredibly popular. 

Whilst we may be in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, you still simply want to be married to your best friend. Coronavirus has shown you that you can make it through anything together and you just want to be married NOW! A micro wedding gives you that chance.

You get the official part of the wedding out of the way (which many couples find the most stressful) and it gives you something amazing to enjoy in a time of doom and gloom.

You can then follow this amazing intimate wedding with a big party with your friends and family next year. This allows you to get dressed up in your wedding outfit again and celebrate being married with your friends and family.