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Is A Minimony & Sequel Wedding Right For You?

2020 is the year of the minimony. The Micro Wedding (choosing to get married with only your nearest and dearest) has been an ongoing trend within the wedding industry. A small, intimate wedding appeals to many couples. A minimony takes this to a new level.

With the outbreak of coronavirus, the small wedding has taken on a new significance. In the UK, small weddings may be able to start taking place from June. However, it appears that the number of guests allowed will be reduced to between 5 & 10 people.

For those who are facing postponing their wedding until 2021, you may still want to mark your planned wedding day. This is why a minimony could be the perfect way to mark the occasion. Later in the year, or next year, you can have your sequel wedding; the wedding you planned for, with all your friends and family celebrating with you.

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What is a Minimony?

The first question you may be thinking is, what is a minimony?

A minimony is simply a mini ceremony, With coronavirus meaning that couples are facing what could be ongoing uncertainty with the ability to set a wedding date, many are planning on having minimonies for a variety of reasons.

To boil it down to the essentials, a minimony is simply a commitment ceremony between your partner and you. There are no hard & fast rules to this, save for the number of people allowed. Currently, the number is looking to be between 15 & 30 guests.

Like all weddings, your minimony is tailored to how you want to celebrate your commitment. You may want to formally marry, which will involve a vicar or registrar. However, you may want your minimony to feature a celebrant or just be a personal celebration. You can then be officially married at your sequel wedding. The key thing is your minimony celebrates your love for each other.

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Outdoor Minimony Or a Virtual Minimony.

Safety of your guests is obviously the most important thing for them and yourselves. With the current guidance, an outdoor minimony is the safest in terms of minimising risk. If you are looking for a venue with license for outdoor weddings, you can check out my guide to the best Lincolnshire wedding venues.

To include family or friends who are shielding, or live in different parts of the world, you could look to stream your minimony. There are a variety of different ways to do this, including Zoom, FaceTime or even Facebook Live. This means they can still be a part of your day, but remain safe. It is advised to keep the number of people to a minimum and keep the big celebration for your sequel wedding.

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Tips to Throw The Perfect Minimony

The way you celebrate your minimony is up to you, however, here are some things you may want to consider to make your minimony special.

Write Your Own Vows.

If you have written your vows for your wedding, it might a nice idea to keep them until the sequel wedding. Writing vows specifically for your minimony, can be a great way to personalise this intimate moment.

Wear Your Wedding Outfit

Your minimony will be special, you should wear a special outfit. You may not be able to wear your dress or suit due to them being with the dress shop or your tailor. If this is the case, or you want to save your wedding dress or suit for your sequel ceremony, make sure you allow yourself a special outfit for your day.

Get Your Florist to Create A Small Bouquet.

Your wedding bouquet is one of the main parts of planning. Getting your florist to make a small bouquet, based on the flowers you have planned for is a great way to link your minimony with your sequel wedding. When you smell the same flowers at your sequel wedding, all the emotions and memories will come flooding back.

Celebrate With Cake.

Everything is better with cake. Again it is worth talking to your cake designer and asking them to create a small cake especially for the occasion. If you are fan of The Great British Bake Off, you might want to consider creating your own showstopper for the day. The great thing about this is every time you want to relive your minimony, you just need to get in the kitchen and get your bake on.

Have That First Dance.

Get those speakers turned up and dance like nobody is watching. Having a first dance is a great way to finish off your day.

Get Your Wedding Photographer To Document The Day

The photos from this day will be incredibly personal and incredibly special. To make sure you get the best images, it is worth getting your wedding photographer to take some photos. Obviously they will need to stick to social distancing guidelines, but they will still be able to capture the true essence of your day. Not only will these photos will make amazing memories, but you can email them to your guests or put them on your wedding website to give people a taste of what is to come.

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What is a Sequel Wedding?

From a little research, the definition of a sequel wedding was created by The Knot in 2019. A sequel wedding is usually used in reference to couples who have two wedding celebrations for cultural or religious reasons. However as the world evolves, the term has gained a much broader meaning. Sequel weddings have popular with millennial couples who value the raw experience of an elopement or micro wedding, but still want to celebrate with their family & friends at a later date.

With the coronavirus pandemic, the sequel wedding has taken on a new meaning and the rules are being rewritten. Your sequel wedding will become the continuation of your wedding celebrations. You will still have the original wedding you planned and it will be just as magical. The minimony is simply the icing on the cake.

Coronavirus has meant so many couples have had to evolve their wedding plans. The rules of weddings are being rewritten, which is why there is no better time to write your own rules and marry in your own, unique way.

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