A man laid on the floor shooting a photograph of 3 women. at a Lincolnshire Wedding


To Telling Your Love Story

Every wedding is unique. My aim is to capture and celebrate this uniqueness creatively and without intrusion. I photograph your day in a documentary style, as I feel that capturing real moments make beautiful photographs that show the true story of your wedding day.

To me, wedding photography is about telling the story of your wedding day. Stories aren’t made from staring at the camera and pulling out a forced smile (you know, the one you’ve had since that first school photo at primary school). Weddings are made of real moments and real emotion and my job is to capture these, discreetly and without fuss.

Every photograph should tell the story of one small moment. It is these moments that come together to form the full story of your wedding. In the whirlwind of your wedding day, you may miss some of these moments, but when you see the photos for the first time all of the emotion will come flooding back. The look of pride, the belly laugh, the tightness of the hug, they all matter and they are the details that make your story special.

My Approach To Editing

Classic & Timeless

When it comes to editing, I consider my style to be classic. I don’t use any filters or “looks” on my photographs as I believe these (much like the shell suit) will only age badly. I also know some photographers edit their photos to look like film. I am not one of them. I truly believe that if you want the look of film photographs, you should photograph on film. Film wedding photography is a service I do offer, which you can find out more about here.

Every photo you will receive is individually edited to make sure you get the very best from each image of your wedding day. This process takes time, meaning you will have to wait a little while for your photos, but it is truly worth it.

I believe that beautifully edited colour and black and white photography will always be in style (even if your wedding hair won’t).

A newly married couple look lovingly at each other as they leave the church



You need an amazing wedding photographer to capture your wedding. Your love, your wedding rings and your photographs are the lifelong keepsakes of your special day.

How do you know I am right for you? Just follow these four simple steps below.

See, it probably wasn’t as scary as you thought.

If you still have any questions, get in touch and I will be happy to help in any way I can.

I love telling wedding stories and do limit the amount of weddings I photograph each year to 20. By doing this way, every wedding I photograph gets personalised attention to make sure the story of your wedding is special.