A photo of c couple against a woodland backdrop in Lincolnshire

Should We Have an Engagement Photoshoot?

Engagement photoshoots are one of those things that many couples feel unsure of. It could be that you are camera shy (it is the number one reason people are nervous) or you just think they are a waste of time. The truth is however, an engagement photoshoot with a professional wedding photographer is a really important thing to do. Here are the top 4 reasons why. 

A couple sit together on a fallen log in Woodhall Spa Woodland Lincolnshire

1. It Gives you the Chance to get Comfortable in Front of the Camera

When you look at wedding blogs and read bridal magazines, it feels like everyone is so eager to be photographed. What’s more, they all happen to pose perfectly in every shot. The truth is however, that many couples are incredibly nervous about having their photographs taken. People generally feel awkward in front of the camera. In fact, the nearest most couples have come to posing for photographs was at school for the annual hell that was the school photograph. 

An engagement photshoot gives you the chance to be in front of the camera with your wedding photographer and get used to being photographed. It is in all essence a practice run for the big day. It can feel weird being in front of a camera and being romantic with your partner. However, by having an engagement shoot, it will allow you to get used to being photographed and make you feel more relaxed about your wedding day. 

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2. You get to Know how Your Photographer

You will spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than almost anyone else. By having an engagement photoshoot, it gives you the opportunity to get to know them a little better. On the flip of this, your wedding photographer will get to know you guys better. They will make mental notes of how you interact together and your quirks and use these to show the real you . They will be able to work with you to create the best photographs of you as a couple.

A photo of c couple against a woodland backdrop in Lincolnshire

3. You Will be Less Nervous Come Your Wedding Day 

By having an engagement photoshoot, you will feel much more confident about your wedding day photography. Why? Because you have built up a relationship with your photographer. You will have seen the beautiful images and this will reassure you that you have chosen the right wedding photographer.

Your photographer will also have a great understanding of you as a couple. You can then relax in front of the camera, knowing you will look amazing. It is surprising the amount of stress and anxiety that can creep in on the run up to a wedding. Your wedding photography should not be one of them. 

A couple kis sin woodland near Lincoln on their engagement shoot

4. You’ll Have fun

This is the part that some couples find hard to believe. Especially those who are nervous in front of the camera. You get to go to a place that means something to you both, spend some quality time hanging out with each other and get some beautiful photographs. Whilst it may be daunting when you arrive, an experienced wedding photographer will be used to nervous couples and will be able to put your mind at ease. Soon enough, you will forget about the camera and just enjoy the time together with your partner. 

Your photos can be used for wedding invites or your wedding website etc. But they are also great photographs of you as a couple in their own right, that will no doubt take pride of place in your home.

Engagement photographs are a great compliment to your wedding day photos. They will always be amongst the first you reach for when you want to remember that you used to be young and cool once. 

If you want to chat about your engagement photoshoot and why you should or should not have one, get in touch and let’s chat about creating beautiful engagement photos for you to treasure. 

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