A piper walks a couple outside of the church at Partney Spilsby

A Spilsby Spring Wedding with Vera & David

David and Vera first met when they were 11. They first fell in love at school, over a game where each person was given an object and then had to find its partner . David had a knife and luckily for Vera, she had the fork. Like any great love story though, there was a twist in the tale. A twist that left them heartbroken.

Their young love was suddenly extinguished as Vera’s family moved out of the county. This was the time before the internet (remember that?!) and to them it seemed the end of their story.

However, through an act of fate, years later Vera returned to Lincolnshire. One day she once again met David. A friendship quickly blossomed and then they fell in love, again.

Finally, over 50 years after they first met, Vera and David got married.

The wedding itself was a small, laid back affair, that matched the couple perfectly. They just wanted a low key wedding where they could celebrate with their family & friends.

Surrounded by family, some of which made the long trek to Lincolnshire from Thailand, they exchanged their vows. The bride was walked down the aisle to the sound of bagpipes. David and his men dressed appropriately in kilts. The wedding took place at Partney Church, only a stones throw from David & Vera’s house.

After the wedding came a meal at their favourite pub and the onto a local village hall  for the reception, where family and friends all danced into the night.

We delivered them their wedding album this weekend and it was a joy to see their expressions as they look through their beautiful album, reliving their day.

Not quite a fairy story in the traditional sense, but weddings like this are a lovely reminder that love truly has no age.

A black and white portrait of an older bride on her wedding day
A close up of some wedding flowers
A bride to be and her friends hug excitedly
A groom and his groomsmen stand outside Partner Church in Lincolnshire. They are wearing kilts
A bagpipe player playing on a wedding day in Lincolnshire
An older bride is walked to church by her son on her wedding day
An mature couple exchange vows on their wedding day at Partney Church, Spilsby, Lincolnshire
A piper plays a just married couple out of the church at Partney near Spilsby
A piper walks a couple outside of the church at Partney Spilsby
A bride, her husband and the best man laugh at speeches on their wedding day
An older, just married couple kiss.
A bride & groom along with the best man and his granddaughter dance at a wedding reception

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