Wedding Albums

more than just a book

Bespoke, Handmade


Your wedding album is more than a book, it is your story. It is the conversation starter, the thing you pull out to show family and friends. It will be the first thing you reach for every year on your anniversary to remember how much fun your wedding day was. The thing that you will share with future generations to show them you used to be young and cool.

Compare that to pulling out a 30-year-old iPad or USB drive (if you can find it) to look over with your family and you suddenly see the importance of a wedding album. How much do you think technology will change in 30 years? What we know as normal now will be obsolete, unable to be used or destroyed by time. A wedding album though? It will never change and, if looked after,  will still look as good as the day you opened it for the first time.

How To Design


The process of creating your wedding album is personal to you. The starting point is for you to pick your favourite images using your personal online gallery. As a guideline, you should aim for 2-6 photographs per double-page spread. Want more photos than this in your album? No worries, we can just add more spreads to make your perfect album.

Another alternative is to pick all of your favourite photos and I can work out the best number of spreads to add to your album package. Once I have your favourites, I will personally design your album. I’ll send you the initial design via an online proofing system, which you can then tweak via two rounds of editing. You then give your final approval of the album before it is sent to be printed.

Should you wish to add more rounds of editing, this is available at £79 per edit. I’ll be honest though and say I have never had a couple need to do this. From here, printing and shipping will take up to four weeks. I have the albums shipped to me so that I can inspect and make sure your album is perfect, before delivering and letting you enjoy your wedding album for generations to come. 

3 Simple Steps

To Your Perfect Wedding Album

Step 1

Pick Your pAckage

Step 2

Choose Your Cover

Step 3

Add Your Extras

Even more options available

Several other options are available for your upgrades. If you have a specific idea in mind that you can’t see here, simply get in touch and we can discuss how to make sure your wedding album is designed to suit your style. For wedding album pricing, simply click the button below.