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Why Film Wedding Photography?

Two questions I get asked a lot is do I shoot film at weddings? and why do I shoot film? To answer them very quickly, yes I do and because it looks amazing.

As part of my wedding photography packages you can add film photography to your coverage.  Several of my couples love the idea of shooting on film and the beautiful results it gives. Some may be photographers themselves, or simply fans of all things retro.


I love the process. Digital is amazing and I would not work without digital cameras. The image quality is great, they allow instant feedback and work in lighting that you can never match with film. Digital photographs can be processed several ways and they look beautiful, especially using the software I do. But in the same way that there is something very special about sitting down and listening to a vinyl record, there is something about the look of film photographs you cannot replicate.

Film Wedding photograph of a couple posing on their wedding day

The main benefit of shooting a roll of film is that it slows me down. This may seem like a bad thing. Why slow down when you can rattle off unlimited shots on a digital camera? Well, the simple answer is it helps me to think more. Suddenly being reduced to 36 exposures of a film roll means you cannot simply snap away. You need to carefully think and frame every moment. By shooting this way, I find that it helps me create better work no matter what camera I am shooting with.

I get to take a deep breath, think, plan and create. Much in the same way that I always encourage couples to plan a few minutes into their day to take things in, shooting with film allows me to take a breath and focus (how very Zen). Then, when I step back to digital, I naturally take the techniques with me. It simply makes me a better photographer.


There is also the look of film. You would think that in the days of Photoshop that it was easy to recreate the look of film and I will admit, you can get close. But, there is something that makes a film photograph that cannot be replicated. Maybe it’s the imperfections? The visual equivalent of a crackle on vinyl. For me an analogue image, with all its flaws, is a thing of beauty.

What about you? Maybe your love for Kodak Portra is as big as mine, or maybe you just love the look of these images. If you want to see more film photography please check out my film photography page.

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