A couple kiss in a winter woodland engagement in Woodhall Spa

A Wintery Woodhall Spa Engagement with Zoe & Colm

There is something special about photographing a Woodhall Spa engagement shoot in the woodlands during winter time. When you add in a couple madly in love, it makes it even more special.

Lincoln couple Zoe & Colm are busy planning their wedding alongside their busy lives. Zoe works in the wedding industry with the amazing Black Peppermint Food Co. Black Peppermint create beautiful wedding menus for couples in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and beyond. Colm also works as a chef, so their lives make up the definition of the word busy.

We got to spend a morning with Zoe & Colm in the beautiful Woodlands near Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire for their engagement shoot.

Being in woodland during the winter time is always going to be hit or miss weather wise. On this day however, the sun was perfectly placed in the sky, allowing us to get some amazing shots. This beautiful sunshine did come at the expense of the temperature. It was definitely a ‘see your breath’ kind of morning. The good thing about this wintery weather though is that there were very few people out braving the cold, so it was like having the entire woodland as our private photo studio.

We took a long stroll (moving helped keep us warm) stopping at some of the many special spots at Ostlers Plantation. Zoe & Colm decided that we should recreate some of the worst engagement shoot photos, such as peering lovingly at each other from behind trees. Our tongues firmly planted in cheeks, we tried to keep a straight face while we piled on the cheese. Unfortunately, you will have to imagine the cheesiness as these are strictly for Zoe & Colm.

At this point, we normally tell you about the couple, the plans for their wedding and how it was great to see them madly in love. But, with Zoe & Colm’s engagement shoot we created a photofilm where they tell their love story, so if you haven’t already pressed play on the video above, do it now and listen to a wonderful love story.

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A couple kiss in a winter woodland engagement in Woodhall Spa Winter morning in Woodhall Spa, a couple cuddle to keep warm A couple kiss on a cool winter morning in Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire A couple sit together on a fallen log in Woodhall Spa Woodland Lincolnshire A couple walk away from the camera in Woodhall Spa woodland on a winter engagement photoshoot. Shooting through a vintage camera a photo gives a vintage effect of a couple kissing in Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire

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