"Carl and Lisa were there from very early right up until the reception. Not invasive and managed to catch all of the natural moments that we were looking for."

- Kelly & Tom -
A Kenwick Park, Louth wedding

Florence Welsh from Florence & The Machine playing Live in Lincoln

And you may ask Yourself, Well...

How Did I Get Here?

I never wanted to be a wedding photographer. In fact before I photographed my first wedding in 2014, wedding photography was something I told myself I never wanted to do. I was photographing skateboarding and live music, not making much money but waiting for my big break.

Out of the blue, my cousin asked me to photograph her wedding. I told her I really wasn’t a wedding photographer, but she persisted. My uncle then spoke to my Dad (you know how it is in families), I caved and said yes.

I’d photographed world famous musicians. I’d shot from the stage of large music festivals. Yet for some reason, this small wedding in Lincolnshire had me more nervous than ever.

The day arrived and suddenly it all made sense. I photographed the wedding how I photographed bands, documenting things as they happened and not making them pose all day long (which is how wedding photography was in my head). I had an amazing time & realised what I had been missing out on. From that day on, I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to photograph weddings.

Crazy to think the difference a little Lincolnshire wedding can make.