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Film Wedding Photography Lincolnshire

Film Photography

A Timeless Classic

Film wedding photography is more than just a look. It is the process. As a film wedding photographer, it makes me slow down, look for specific moments and capture that perfect one.

Many wedding photographers will offer a “film look” to their images, but if you want the look and feel of film, you should go for a wedding photographer who shoots film.

I offer the addition of film photography to every wedding I shoot. The process is simple. Pick the number of rolls you want me to shoot and let me know of any specific film types you would like.

M favourite films are Kodak Portra 400 for colour and Ilford HP5 for black and white.

If you want to talk more about film photography at your wedding, get in touch.

Film photography Prices

simply Pay per roll

If you are looking for film wedding photography in Lincolnshire, you are in the right place. When it comes to prices for film photography, I try to keep things nice and simple. Film photography can be added to any wedding package for only £50 per roll.

How Many Rolls of film do I need?

That is totally up to you. I would recommend you go for at least 3-4 rolls of film to make sure you get a good amount of coverage. I shoot 35mm so each roll contains 36 photographs.

Do you have a favourite film type?

If you have a certain type of film that you love, I am more than happy to shoot it for you. Get in touch and we can discuss what type of coverage you are looking for and any favourite film types you may have.

Your Film Photography questions answered

Film Wedding Photography FAQ

Film photography has a timeless, classic aesthetic. The grain, the colours, the softness. Film has a more limited dynamic range and a slower shutter speed, which results in softer, more muted colors and a dreamy quality.

In the same way that vinyl records have a warmer and more authentic sound that is often considered superior to digital recordings, film is authentic, raw and real.

My pricing is simple. To add film to any wedding photography package, the price is just £50 per roll. This includes processing and digital delivery of your images.

When choosing a film wedding photographer, it’s important to look for someone who has experience shooting with film and who has a strong portfolio of film images.

I have been shooting film since I first started photography way back when. I learnt how to process my own film and darkroom techniques back in college. Even though I like to dabble in the darkroom every now and again, I send all of my film to one of the UK’s best film processors, hand picked after trying several over the years.

Film photography differs from digital photography in that it uses physical film and chemical processes to capture images, rather than digital sensors and computer processing. This can result in a different aesthetic and feel to the images, with a softer, more organic look and a wider range of tones and colors.

Of course. I offer a range of fine art prints that make film your film photos look amazing!

Actually it can be quicker. My lab generally turns around film in 2-3 weeks and as there is minimal post processing on film images, they tend to be ready quicker than your digital images.


Are you looking for a film wedding photographer who offers film photography with their weddings?

As a documentary wedding photographer, my aim is to tell the story of your day through honest, beautiful photographs. Apart from any group photos, I do not direct and there will never be the mention of the word “cheese”.

The price of adding film photos to your wedding day is simple, just £50 per roll, which includes the film, processing and digital delivery of your film images.

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I’ll get back to you as soon as possible, but if you haven’t heard from me after a couple of days, please check your junk folder, as some email providers have a habit of putting me in there.

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