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Wedding Planning Gets Stressful

It’s ok to be overwhelmed.

Let me start with the most important thing, congratulations! Getting married is a wonderful experience, although there is no denying that at times, planning for it can get stressful. Right now, you probably feel completely overwhelmed and have a million and one questions rolling around in your head.

Below you will find information about some of the most common wedding planning questions. I’m sure you will find them useful. If once you’ve looked through the information below you still have questions, then get in touch via the site or head over to Facebook and let me know if you found the tips helpful, or if there are others you feel I should add.  

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Wedding Planning

Self Care for Brides-to-Be: How to Keep Your Mental Health in Check During Wedding Planning

Mental health during wedding planning is a subject that is hugely important. However, it feels like in the world of weddings, it never seemingly gets the attention it deserves.  Planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful. In a recent survey, over 70% of engaged couples or newlyweds described the process of planning a wedding as…

Groom toasts his new wife in Louth, Lincolnshire
Wedding Planning

Writing the Perfect Groom’s Speech: A Guide

If you’re the groom and reading this, chances are you’ve been tasked with giving a speech at the reception and don’t know where to start. Don’t panic – I’ve got you covered. Here’s my ultimate guide to writing the perfect groom’s speech. What is the traditional structure of a groom’s speech? The traditional structure of…

A black and white wedding photo of a couple kissing across a reservoir on their wedding day.
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Black & White Wedding photography

Black and white wedding photography can add a timeless and elegant touch to your special day. While colour photography has become the norm, black and white photos have a classic and artistic quality that can elevate your wedding photography. In this blog post, we’ll explore the history of black and white wedding photography, the benefits…

A wedding party stand in front of the main house at Gunby Hall National Trust Wedding venue for a group shot
Wedding Planning

Wedding Group photos. Are They Important & Do We Need Them?

Group shots. Formal wedding photos. Group wedding photographs. Whatever you call them, these posed, traditional wedding photos are something that all of my couples ask about. The idea of smiling for endless formal photos as groups of relatives and friends are whisked in and out for hours is the opposite of why couples book me…

A married couple glance back at those witnessing their wedding
Wedding Planning

5 Reasons why a 15 guest Micro Wedding is Amazing!

Man, this is really shit, isn’t it? Once again the government has added restrictions to weddings. We know why, but when planning a wedding it doesn’t make it feel any less, well….shit. But, what if there was actually a silver lining to all of this? What if a small intimate wedding might actually be the…

A groom toasts the room during his speech
Wedding Planning

Coronavirus, Weddings & UK Government Guidelines.

Writing about the Coronavirus guidelines for weddings is surreal. Even now, it feels like I am working on a script for a budget disaster movie. However, this is real life in 2020 It’s right in the middle of the wedding season. Normally, I would be buzzing with weddings, spending the weeks editing photos and getting…

At a Lincoln Wedding a man dances enthusiastically around a maypole
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What Is Documentary Wedding Photography?

As you start your quest for finding the perfect wedding photographer, you’ve probably been looking through wedding blogs and Pinterest, etc.  Your head is probably spinning at the amount of different options when it comes to wedding photography (don’t worry, everyone feels the same). There are so many styles of photography, but one I am sure…

The Best Wedding Dress Shops in Lincolnshire 2023. The Ivory Room, Woodhall Spa.
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The Best Wedding Dress Shops in Lincolnshire 2023. The Ivory Room, Woodhall Spa.

Buying a wedding Dress is one of those key moments in the journey to your wedding day. Wedding dress shopping in Lincolnshire can be magical, but it can also be stressful. Remember, weddings are never quite like those in movies and TV shows. Real life is a lot more complicated than that.  I recently got…

A groom and best man pose for a selfie before the bride arrives at the church
Wedding Planning

The Top 11 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

What are the questions you need to ask your wedding photographer? I mean it sounds so easy and you probably already have a couple in your head. But perhaps a better title for this blog is what questions should you ask your wedding photographer. And why are these important? By this point, you’ve managed to…

The Dangers of Pinterest When Planning Your Wedding
Wedding Planning

The Dangers of Pinterest When Planning Your Wedding

Pinterest is awesome! As a bride, groom or couple, I am sure you’ve probably already spent way more time than you’d care to admit to browsing through Pinterest. In fact, you probably have several wedding planning boards set up already.  Personally, I get lost going down rabbit holes of discovery, looking for new wedding trends…

Lincolnshire couple wedding reception in Heckington Lincolnshire
Wedding Planning

Lincolnshire Wedding Planners. Do I need one?

Are you freshly engaged? Or, you already well underway with you planning? Whichever sounds like you, you’ll have noticed that you can’t spend a lot of time looking at wedding websites without hearing about wedding planners. For a long time, weddings were small and simple affairs that the bride’s mother would organise for them. However,…

2 images of a Lacie 2Big back up hard drive.
Wedding Planning

Backing up Your Wedding Photos. AKA Why we Are Nerds About Backups (and why you should care)

Backing up your wedding photos is not cool. It is not anywhere near as cool as a blog post about a styled shoot or some glamorous destination wedding, but it is way more important. This whole post is one that came about due to an email from a previous client who had the worst thing…