A couple look back at their wedding guests on there wedding day at Gunby Hall

A Gunby Hall Wedding | Rebecca & George

Having a wedding at Gunby Hall is something special. Located at the foot of the Lincolnshire Wolds, Gunby Hall is a picture perfect country house wedding venue owned by The National Trust. It houses a small church, beautiful landscaped gardens & the stunning house built in 1700 for the the Massingberd family.

Whilst many people who get married at Gunby Hall do so in the stunning music room. Rebecca & George had their wedding ceremony at the beautiful St. Peters Church on the property. This church held a special place in their hearts, it was the exact same venue where Rebecca’s parents got married years before.

A bride smiles after having her makeup done on the morning of her wedding.


Rebecca and her bridesmaids got ready at the family home. As I arrived the house was already buzzing. Preparations were well underway and whilst Rebecca & her bridesmaids were busy prepping themselves, Rebecca’s dad relaxed with his feet up watching the Olympics on TV. Suddenly springing to life and getting ready in what must be a world record time.

Rebecca was transported to the venue in style via a vintage Rolls Royce. I left Rebecca’s family home and caught up with George at St. Peters Church, along with his groomsmen. The jokes were there, but they couldn’t mask George’s obvious nerves.


The walk from the front of Gunby Hall to St Peters church is around 5 minutes through the beautiful manicured gardens. This walk saw Rebecca and her father share some close moments. Her fathers smile showing how proud he was to be walking his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.


Rebecca & George had arranged for photographs to be taken in Gunby Hall. This is something that if you are considering getting married at Gunby Hall, you should make sure you arrange in advance.

We started in the gardens for some more candid portraits. Followed by making our way to the main house for the family formals.

We took some photos in the stunning music room (the main venue for Gunby Hall Weddings), which was just beautiful. We then moved to the staircase which is just as stunning. A tip though if you are getting married at Gunby Hall and want photographs on the staircase. You are not allowed to wear heels. This is in order to protect the staircase. Lastly I photographed George alone. He wanted to create a portrait fitting for a Wes Anderson movie. Being a Wes Anderson fan, I happily obliged.


The reception was held at Batemans Brewery in Wainfleet. Holding your wedding reception at a beautiful Lincolnshire brewery seemed the perfect choice. As the weather was stunning, everyone made the most of the gardens and outdoor space, as well as the real ale.

The speeches involved George being presented with his very own work of art from his best man.

Following a funky first dance (and a Llama wedding cake), everyone flooded the dancefloor to enjoy the perfect party band.


A totally chilled arty couple, Rebecca & George were so much fun to be around. From George’s cherry red Doc Martens, to Rebecca’s laid back attitude, it created a relaxed vibe all day. I think this is summed up in Rebecca’s piece of advice for other brides; “Sit back, relax & take it all in”.

If you are planning a Gunby Hall wedding, get in touch!


The easiest way to begin planning a wedding at Gunby Hall is to go to their website.

Alternatively you can email Astrid for more information and prices Astrid.Gatenby@nationaltrust.org.uk



A wedding dress hanging in the family home on the wedding day
Irregular Choice wedding shoes on a wooden floor
A bridal party walk past the main house at Gunby Hall towards St. Peters Church
A bride and her father walking towards the church at a Gunby Hall Wedding
A bride and her father walking through the National Trust venue Gunby Hall on her wedding day
A vicar with his pet dog walk down the aisle on a wedding day at St. Peters Church on Gunby Hall Estate
A bride smiles as the groom sees her for the first time at the church
A couple leave St Peters Church at their Gunby Hall Wedding
A page boy smiles and laughs against a black door
Overview of St Peters Church on the grounds of National Trust Wedding Venue Gunby Hall
A couple pose by a tree during a Gunby Hall wedding
A Gunby Hall wedding at National Trust Wedding venue. The wedding party stand outside of the venue for photographs
A groom poses for a portrait in the style of a Wes Anderson movie next to a suit of armour.
the wedding recpetion space at Batemans Brewery in Wainfleet Lincolnshire
A best man hugs the groom after delivering his speech, whilst a glass is raised for the toast.
A couple pose at Sunset at Batemans Brewery wedding reception venue
A couple dance through light trails on their wedding day at Batemans Brewery in Wainfleet
A couple share their first dance on their wedding day

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